The PEMAG mitts are not a substitute for Veterinary care but can be used as a massage, grooming and strapping tool.

Use as part of a daily care routine for your horse to keep it in the best possible health.

  • You will know your own horse very well, if you suspect someting is wrong use your instincs and get veterinary to give you piece of mind.
  • If you feel any areas of heat, swelling, or abnormal call the vet.
  • If you suspect your horse has a temperature, do not massage him.
  • If your horse is under veterinary care just check that you can still massage your horse.
  • If your horse is lame, call the vet.
  • If your horse has a skin condition, wait until it clear up to avoid spreading it.
  • It your hosre has lymphangitism, or is prone to it use the PEMAG mitts under veterinary supervision.

Gentle stroking with the mitts is normally fine in most conditions and will promote healing and stimulate the horses own physiological responses, aiding recovery.

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